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A comprehensive course for professional Ruby on Rails development, including: BDD/TDD, real world software engineering techniques, best practices, in depth explanations of the Rails framework, and all of the core requirements for building a Rails application in a professional environment.

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This course gives an introduction to the TypeScript programming language, including walking through the: syntax, best practices, and practical systems for building TypeScript programs.

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After completing this course you will be able to build a production Rails project from scratch. But there are a million courses that will help you do that. What makes this course different is that you'll learn how to build a Rails application like a professional developer. I took a completely different approach to creating this course. I don't edit any mistakes and I filmed the entire set of videos in real time so you can watch my exact process when I am tasked with building a real world application. I made this decision so that you can get a transparent view into what it takes to become a pro developer, and also so you can see how I work through challenges, all in real time.

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Learn how to use the Ruby programming language, including the basic syntax, OOP techniques, built in methods, and much more.

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Learn how to build Angular 2 applications with Ruby on Rails 5 API backends.

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Learn how to build powerful applications by learning the Ruby on Rails framework from scratch, this is where to begin when learning how to become a developer.

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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch, starting with the basics and finishing by building five projects from scratch.

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Learn how to build powerful applications using this comprehensive guide to the Ruby on Rails web framework.

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This course examines various ways to build and maintain soft skills as a developer, this includes skills such as: how to learn, productivity, effective communication, and many other attributes of great developers.