Learn Rails from Scratch

Learn how to install and work with the Ruby on Rails framework.

Walk through the basics of creating a Ruby on Rails application, including the configuration options and introductory functionality.

Learn how to use the Rails console to run database queries, test scripts, and perform debugging.

Learn how routing works in Rails, from a walkthrough of RESTful route principles through exploring how routes interact with controllers to manage data flow.

In this section we'll walk through how views are utilized in a Ruby on Rails application.

A series of guides for working with controllers in a Ruby on Rails application, including the purpose of controllers along with how to control data flow in a MVC application.

Learn how to work with Models in Rails and configure an application's data.

Explore different ways to work with the database in a Ruby on Rails application, including reviewing how to add columns, changing column types, and deleting columns.

Explore how to integrate several different Ruby Gems and implement advanced functionality such as nesting, manually passing parameters in links, and much more.