Hello Flask

Not CompletedIntroduction to Python Flask

Flask is a lightweight web framework for Python that allows you to build web applications quickly and easily. Its simplicity and flexibility make it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized applications and prototypes. In this introduction, we will focus on explaining real-world examples of how Flask can be used.

Not CompletedEnvironment Setup for Hello World Flask Application

Welcome to this course on API development in Flask, where we're going to learn how we can leverage the Python programming language in order to create server-side APIs

Not CompletedCreating a SQLite Database in Flask with SQLAlchemy

In the last guide, we installed a number of dependencies that will allow our application to work with a database, as well as being able to give us the ability to output API data that comes in from that database.

Not CompletedHow to Create a POST API Endpoint in Flask

So far in this section and for this project we built out a basic Flask application and we've created a database with a guide table. Now that we have over boilerplate code done we can actually start building out the fun part which is the API.

Not CompletedBuilding an API Endpoint in Flask for Returning All Records with a GET Request

In the last guide, we walk through how we could create our very first endpoint that allowed us to create guides programmatically. So now with that in place, I think the most natural endpoint to create next would be to have a world that we can hit to see all of the guides in the system.

Not CompletedImplementing a Single Record GET Request in a Flask API

A few guides ago, I mentioned how the goal of this application was to create the full set of CRUD options for a very basic learning management system. So so far we've created the ability to save a guide to the database via API request. And then we also created an endpoint for seeing all of the guides on the system. Now I think the most natural next guide or next endpoint to create is what is called the show route or the show endpoint where you are querying for a single guide.

Not CompletedGuide to Building an Update Action with a PUT Request in Flask

Great job in working through the course. So far we've created a number of endpoints and we only have two left before we're done with this project.

Not CompletedHow to Build a DELETE API Endpoint in Flask along with Project Summary

Nice job if you've made it all the way through this section in this project. This is going to be our last guide where we build out the end point for deleting records with our API.

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