Project Introduction

Not CompletedThe Angular + Rails Application We're Going to Build

In this guide I demo the final application that we're going to build and showcase the key skills that you'll learn.

Not CompletedApplication Architecture for an Angular + Rails Application

This guide walks through the architecture that we're going to use in order to build out our microservice based Angular + Rails application.

Not CompletedMonolith vs Microservice Architecture Deep Dive

If you are interested in modern web development, you have probably already heard the monolithic vs microservice debate. It’s difficult to talk about web apps without this discussion arising. While you can create beautiful, functional applications with either option, it is important to look closely at the two so you can pick the one that is right for your needs.

Not CompletedThe Role of Services in Microservice Architecture

This guide examines the role that services play in microservices, specially how they are used in order to allow applications to communicate with each other.

Not CompletedThe Role of Components in Microservices

This lesson examines the role of components in microservices and how should be properly utilized to enable scalability in the process of application development.


Project Introduction