Angular 2 + Rails 5

Project Introduction

This section walks through the project we're going to build out in this course, including lectures on the microservice architecture we're going to use, components, services, and project management.

System Configuration

In this section of the course you'll learn how to configure your system to build and run Angular 2 applications. This includes: installing Homebrew, Node.JS, NPM.

Angular 2 Development

This section of the course is dedicated to building the initial Angular 2 application, including setting up the app, working with components and creating the basic functionality needed for the project

Building the Document Management Component

This section walks through how to build our first Angular component that will eventually communicate with an outside Rails microservice application.

Building the Proposal Component

This section will teach you how to build the proposal functionality in the application, including the ability to view specific proposals, create new proposals, and analyze two way binding.

Integrating Bootstrap 4 in an Angular 2 Application

After completing this section you'll know how to integrate the Bootstrap 4 HTML/CSS framework in an Angular 2 application

Creating a Ruby on Rails Microservice to Manage Documents

This section of the course walks through how to create a Ruby on Rails microservice application that manages documents.

Connecting the Angular Front End with the Rails Document API App

This section explains how to connect an Angular 2 Front End application with a Ruby on Rails API application to supply data for the Document component.

Creating the Proposal Ruby on Rails Microservice API Application

In this section we will create another Ruby on Rails API microservice application that will manage the proposal data.