Building the Proposal Component

Not CompletedCreating the Initial Proposal Component

In this lesson we walk through how to create an Angular 2 component from scratch that will manage the logic for our new proposal feature.

Not CompletedCreating an Angular 2 Data Model for Proposals

Learn a step by step approach for creating an Angular 2 data model for our new proposal component.

Not CompletedPopulating an Angular List View with Data

This screencast shows how to populate an Angular 2 list view with data from the Proposal component.

Not CompletedBuilding an Angular 2 Component that will Create New Proposals

This guide explains how to build a component that will enable the ability to create new proposals.

Not CompletedIntroduction to Angular 2 Forms

This screencast will teach you how to create a basic Angular 2 form, including how to work with ngModel to enable two way data binding and the ability to change content on the screen in real time.

Not CompletedCompleting the Angular Proposal Form

In this guide we'll finish building the Angular form that will manage the creation process for our proposal component.

Not CompletedHow to Implement Dynamic Data Validations in Angular 2

This screencast walks you through how to implement dynamic data validations in an Angular 2 application, with validation messages that appear on the form page.

Not CompletedCreating Dynamic Routes in Angular 2 Based on an ID Lookup

Learn how to implement dynamic routes in an Angular 2 component, specifically to work with a show component that looks up a record based on the ID.

Not CompletedHow to Trigger 'Active' Classes in Angular 2 Views

In this screencast you'll learn how to trigger active states on links based on whether a user in on a specific page.


Building the Proposal Component